We insure skaters and leagues that play roller derby across Canada.
Please read the membership information and registration process document to understand how CRDi works.

Contact us: Hoochie@crdinsurance.ca

CRDi also offers EXTRA insurance provided by The Pack is Here.
This is insurance above the regular CRDi insurance.
You must still have the normal $50 membership insurance.
Please contact Barbara Lapointe at: packishere@gmail.com

Use the 2012 Venue Insurance request for all practice and event spaces that your league uses:

2012 Venue Insurance Request

If you are travelling outside of the country and need to provide proof of your CRDi insurance use this form, Please allow for 2-4 weeks processing:

2012 USA Accident Insurance Request

Here are our 2012 forms, available for download:

CRDI Apprenticeship Application 2012

CRDI Membership Application 2012 Form C

CRDI Membership Application 2012 Form C-J rDerby

CRDI Parental Waiver form 2012

CRDI Waiver form 2012

CRDI Director and Officer Application 2012 Form A

CRDI Club Membership List 2012 Form B

Our Insurance Policies

CRDi 2012 Insurance Policies

Print out and copy this IAP injury form, make sure these are available for all skaters at practices and bouts. If anyone gets injured they need to take this form with them to the doctor/hospital.

IAP - Injury Claim Form

Injury Report Form - Fill this out if you were injured at a pratice, game or scrimmage:

Injury Report Form

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