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CRDi membership

Step One for membership: Print off Form C, fill in your info and return to your league CRDi rep.

Step Two for membership: Use one of the below links and fill in all of the information to get your CRDi membership that enables you to skate with your league. 

Please use this link if you are a skater from the EAST

Please use this link if you are a skater from the WEST

Step Three for membership: Pay for membership via email transfer (open the info document How do I do an email transfer) or NEW for 2014 PayPal (Click on the link). CRDi will email your membership number once payment is received. Money Order info is displayed below.

To pay via money order mail payment to: 

#200, 33 Blackfoot Road 
Sherwood Park, Alberta
T8A 4W5.
Ensure you include your Real Name and League on the money order.

When paying by email transfer include in the comments area your REAL NAME and the League name you belong to so we can process you payment faster without trying to figure out who you are and who you belong to.
Open the document How do I do an email transfer  for more info so you send us the right security question and answer. If you send the wrong question and answer we will not process it and you will hold up the insurance process. We do not accept hyperwallet.

To pay via Paypal


2014  $50 Membership Button ($1.80 Service Fee)

Qty of Memberships


2014  $30 Apprenticeship Membership Button ($1.25 Service Fee)

Qty of Memberships

2014 Director and Officer $150 ($4.80 Service Fee)

Director And Officer Fee

CRDI Membership Application 2013 Form C $20.00 November-December 2013

Here are our 2014 forms, available for download:

CRDI Information Brochure

How do I make an email transfer?

CRDI Renewal Form 2014 - $50

CRDI Apprenticeship 2014 - 90 Days -$30

CRDI Full Membership Application 2014 Form C - $50

CRDI Waiver form 2014

CRDI Club Membership List 2014 Form B

Online CRDi Director & Officer form

2014 Junior Forms

CRDI Apprenticeship Application 2014 - Jr. Derby- 90 Days - $30

CRDI Membership Application 2014 Form C- Jr. Derby- $50

CRDI Parental Waiver form 2014

Our Insurance Policies

CRDi 2013 IAP Accident Policy

Print out and copy this IAP injury form, make sure these are available for all skaters at practices and bouts. If anyone gets injured they need to take this form with them to the doctor/hospital.

IAP - Injury Claim Form

Injury Report Form - Fill this out if you were injured at a pratice, game or scrimmage:

Injury Report Form

Use the Venue Insurance request for all practice and event spaces that your league uses:
Venue Insurance Request

If you are travelling outside of the country and need to provide proof of your CRDi insurance, use this form USA Insurance Request

Email it to barbara@packishereinsurance.com
Please allow for 2-4 weeks processing

CRDi also offers EXTRA insurance provided by The Pack is Here. 
Click here for more information

Please contact Barbara Lapointe at: barbara@packishereinsurance.com

This is insurance above the regular CRDi insurance.


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