Rdac Name Registration


Rdac Name Registration
Please Submit the form below to register your new derby name. Don’t worry, the personal info is only for admin purposes and will not be posted in the Registry list
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Welcome to the RDAC National Roller Derby Name Registry!!

We will be maintaining a Canadian Roller Derby Name Registry to help minimize the odds of name duplication happening within Canada.

Because a lot of people don’t want to use the same derby name as someone else at all, let alone just in Canada, We highly recommend that you check the RDAC Registry as well as check with twoevils.org to see if your new derby name is registered there as well.

Check List Here

Names entered will automatically be approved. We will be checking in every two months or so for duplications and more than one registered name. We will not be cross checking against TwoEvils, but remember the don’t be a douchebag rule: There can only be one Suzy Hotrod, ReAnimateHer, or Babe Ruthless.

Please read our Names Registry Policy if you have any questions.

We are not a governing body and anyone can technically use any name they want when they’re on the track. This list is for information purposes only.

If you run into issues while registering your name or need to update your registration, please send an email to namesreg@rollerderbycanada.ca

Please be patient as this list is run by volunteers :)